Sunday, May 25, 2008

BPA Bottle Buy Back at BRU

Today (Sunday) I returned 10 Dr. Brown's bottles to my BRU in Clearwater, FL. These bottles were purchased 18-24 months ago and I did not have a receipt. I called first and spoke with a manager who said yes they would take them. When I got to the store the cashier asked the nearest manager (not the one I spoke to on the phone) about it but she didn't want to refund them saying that there was not a recall on the bottles. The person I spoke with on the phone was not in the store when I went (just 30 minutes after my phone call. I think he was outside on a break) When I said I had called and been told they would take them back the female manger relented and gave the cashier the okay. They gave me credit for 3-3 packs and a single. The total was $47.04. I was saving the bottles in case we have a second baby but I wouldn’t use those bottles again anyway because of the BPA.

For more see Freebies 4 Mom

It seems that some BRU and TRU are taking them but the majority are not. Some people have contacted the BRU head office and been told that they are NOT taking these bottles back. See the comments section of Freebies4mom for more information.

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