Friday, June 27, 2008

Old Navy Flip Flops $1

On Saturday, June 28th Old Navy will have adults and kids solid color flip flops on sale for $1. I called the Clearwater store on Hwy 19 at Sunset and they are participating.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gerber coupons

Lots of coupons on the Gerber site.

earths best coupon

They have 2 coupon options on their website.

birdseye coupon

I'm a big vegy eater so I'm always looking for coupons for those but there aren't many options. Birdseye has this one.

Finlandia cheese coupons

I've been buying the Finlandia Muenster cheese for my little guy. If you go to their website you can sign up for their deli news and get 2 $1 off coupons and also print a mail in rebate offer for more coupons. As an FYI, cheese from the EU is as good as US organic dairy products which is why I've been choosing this brand.

Free Tank Top

I never shop there because it's a store for teens and twenty-somethings but Wet Seal is giving away free tank tops. Here is the link to the coupon.

Thanks to Green Stew for the link!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wedgie Free Wednesday

I don't often (okay never that I can remember) post pictures of my underwear on the Internet. But I just had to share. After months of entering the Hanes Wedgie Free Wednesday Sweeps I finally won! They don't tell you that you won they just send you a pair of panties. So, I received mine today! I was so excited but I laughed when I opened them.

YES they really are THAT BIG!

Every time, with the exception of last week, I selected the bikini version. Last week they were out of those so I thought I selected the hi-cut brief. I guess I selected the full coverage granny pantie!

Needless to say my husband is not amused but man are they comfortable!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Target Deals

Thanks to Hot Coupon World I found some great deals at Target on Gulf to Bay in Clearwater.

I had several Ziploc coupons. Near the cash register there were 25 count bags of sandwich size Ziploc for $1.00. I used a 55 cents off, a 40 cents off, a $1.00 off (so one package was free) and a $1.50 off when you buy 2. Total I purchased 5 25-count packages for $1.55. The regular price for 100 bags is $2.74.

I also purchased a package of Soleil Razors for 43 cents. They were marked down to $4.43 and I used the $4.00 QPN from this past Sundays paper.

Every time I go to Target or Walmart I take some of the Muir Glen Organic Tomato QPNs. I had 3 QPNs on me today and got each can of Tomato sauce for just 24 cents.

Finally I bought some of the Pampers Splashers. They were priced at $9.99 but I had a Target QPN from Sundays paper for $2.00 and a Mfgr. QPN for $1.50 making the total $6.49.

I also made a trip to Toys R Us and used the free train QPN. I got lucky with the cashier. He let me do 2 transactions so I was able to purchase 2 trains today and only had to pay 77 cents in tax for eah train. YEAH!


Friday, June 20, 2008

Free Train at TRU (DEAD QPN)

The Clearwater TRU is no longer accepting this QPN. Also, you can no loger print it.

Get a Free Thomas Train at TRU. You can only access the coupon once but can print as many as you like.

TRU Train Coupon

Thanks to iMommies for the link!

Edit: FYI, I was not able to print this on a wireless network. My computer guru husband think it was encoding in the TRU web page that messed up the printing. I was able to print only when directly connected to the computer.



I added a new blog to the blog roll on the right side of this page. Fiddleededee gives all of the Publix deals with the coupon (including IPs with links). I shop at Publix most of the time so this is a great addition to my blog roll.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I went to CVS this afternoon. I had $25 in ECBs to spend and there were some deals for products that I use and need.

I purchased:

1 Almay Mascara $6.99
1 Almay Mascara (50% 0ff) $3.49
1 Tylenol Extra Strength $4.49
2 Oral-B Power Toothbrush $5.99
3 St. Ives Facial Scrub $4.49

QPNs I used:

2 - $1.00 of Almay
$1.00 off Tylenol
and a CVS $4 off when you spend $20

I used all my ECBs and $2.92 out of pocket (OOP)

Here are the ECBs that I earned today:

$5.00 on Almay Mascara(I only got it on one because the other was 50% off)
$2.00 on Tylenol
$5.00 on St. Ives cleanser
$6.00 on Oral-B Toothbrush ($3.00 ECB for each one)

I also had several CVS coupons that printed. They include 2 $2.00 off Zyrtec coupons, $2.00 on Banana Boat Suncare, and $3.00 on CVS Cetirizine D.

Not a great day but not a bad one either! I plan to go back and get the Sally Hansen Nail product and 2 more of the Oral-B cross action toothbrushes.

Edit: I had to go back to a drug store this evening so I went back to CVS and did one more deal. I purchased 2 Sally Hansen Color Lock Nail colors for $7.99, with a $3.00 off coupon when you buy 2. It generated $10 in ECB. I also purchased some calcium citrate for $10.49. I used all of my ECBs from the first transaction today and then paid $1.47 OOP.


Pubix $5/35

Publix has a new coupon out today that can be printd from thier web site. You get $5 off when you spnd $35.


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Zout-rebate print out the rebate form for a free bottle of zout stain remover

Publix - Hungry Man Dinners

I was looking around Coupon World for good deals before I went out to do my weekly grocery shopping. I found this great link to a Hungry Man dinner coupon. It's actually entry into a sweepstakes but after you enter you can print a $1.00 off any Hungry Man dinner. The dinners are currently B1G1F at Publix so I used 2 of the $1.00coupons and got 2 dinners for $1.29. I would not normally buy these dinners but the deal was good enough so I did. I may go back and get some more. I was not sure the cashier would take both coupons bu she did. I know some people have found other coupons fr the dinners but this was all I could find.

The cashier did kick back one of my coupons that was expired. She told me they will take Publix expired coupons but not manufacturer coupons that are expired.

My over all savings was good. I used $17.05 in coupons and another $25.56 in store savings. I still spent $87.63 but there were a lot of things I needed that I didn't have coupons for and I had to pay full price. It kills me to do that now!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

What should a diaper cost

I hate paying too much for diapers or even worse not knowing if I am getting a good deal or not. I use to buy Pampers Cruisers exclusively at Sam's because I saw a TV show a few years back that said the wholesale cubs, like Sam's and Costco, were the best place to buy diapers because they would have the cheapest price. Well, you can imagine my surprise when I found the exact same diapers box (same size and number of diapers) at Publix for the same price and Publix allows coupons. Sam's does not.

Since I made this discovery I have been on a mission to buy diapers at the cheapest price possible. I buy Proctor and Gamble Pampers but am willing to switch between the Cruisers (my preferred) and the Baby Dry. I had a bad experience with Huggies and try to stay away from them but for the right price I might consider switching.

I hate how in the Sunday circulars each week, the stores never list the exact size and quantity they advertise as being on sale. For instance the flier will list a mega box as being on sale but they don't ever tell you how many are in the mega box so you can not price compare and determine if it's the best price.. This makes it really hard to know if your getting a good deal or not. Angie at Baby Cheapskate has simplified the process for Premium Diapers and Luvs by putting the quantity for each type of box (mega, super ega, jumbo, etc.) in a spread sheet.

How many diapers per pack?

Thanks Angie!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Adjustable Waist Shorts for Boys

I bought 3 pairs of shorts from WalMart on Wednesday because they were only $2.50 each. They are made of a heavy duty light weight denim like fabric. They have pockets on the sides (cargo short style) with a button waist and zipper. I bought size 18 mon thinking James would grow into them. I was delighted when, after washing them, I realized they have an adjustable waist and it's adjustable to a very small size. James is 24 months old and tall but skinny so buying shorts or pants for him is challenging. The 12 month size shorts fit in the waist but are too short in the length and the 24 month size shorts fall off him. The shorts I bought at WalMart seem to fit him well both in the waist and in length and they will grow with him. For $2.50 I thought it was a great deal.

If you are thinking about buying some the shorts were in the baby section and on clearance at the Super WalMart on Tampa Road. They are "George" brand and were available in 3 colors, navy blue, dark brown, and tan.

I read on another blog that the Garanimal t-shirts for boys were marked $2.50 on clearance but ring up for $1.00. I scanned the only shirt I could find and it was $2.50 but I am going to try another WalMart today. I have bought the Garanimal shirts before and they hold up well.

UPDATE: I went to another WalMArt today (Friday) and found the same shorts I bought yesterday for $2.00 a pair. They were not clearance like the ones I bought on Wednesday but when I did a price check they were 50 cents cheaper than the ones I bought on Wednesday. YEAH!! Unfortunately, I was not able to locate any clearance priced Garanimals shirts but I did find some FSU shirts that were marked way down so I got James one of those.


Monday, June 9, 2008

Scrapbooking drawing

You can go to to sign up for a free trial scrapbooking kit.

Stonyfield Farms Sippy Cup

A couple of months ago Stonyfield farms was offering a free sippy cup with 2 UPCs from any of their YoBaby products and $1.00 for s/h. I sent off 2 UPCs from their YoKids Yogurt tubes (not the YoBaby yogurt) and they still honored the offer and sent me a great sippy cup. The offer is gone from their web site but I found 4 UPC codes from the YoKids Yogurt tubes so I emailed them and received this prompt reply:

Hello Stacy,

Thank you for your interest in Stonyfield Farm. Yes, we are still doing the sippy cup offer for 2 upc and $1. To participate please send to

Stonyfield Farm YoBaby
10 Burton Drive
Londonderry, NH 03053

The folks at Stonyfield Farm

We’re passionately committed to making the best-tasting, healthiest yogurts available, and trying to do some good in the world while we’re at it. Visit us at!
Business Can Save the Planet
Please buy our book and learn more:

Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World by Gary Hirshberg

I am sending one envelope with 4 UPCs and 2 checks for $1 each. (I had already written the first check when I found second set of UPCs.) I hope to get back 2 sippy cups. They were super fast with the last cup they sent so I hope it will be the same this time.

I love Stonyfield products! We drink their milk and eat their yogurt. We eat the YoKids Squeezers yogurt tubes, the individual serving cups and the big 32 oz containers of the whole milk vanilla and plain yogurts. Their customer service has been great with any questions. Additionally, they have already addressed the BPA issue in the containers they use. You can find that information on their web site.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Publix coupons

I came across some expired baby club coupons (they expired 2 mo. prior) and I called the store to see if they will still honor them. They said they do honor publix expired coupons just not MF coupons. So hold on to those Pubix coupons!

Friday, June 6, 2008

cvs and Brut and Pantene

FYI those of you getting the cvs deals there is a $1 off brut in the June All you Mag. It is 2.69 at cvs use the $1 coupon and get $3 back in ECB!

Pantene is 3 for $10 use 3 $1.50 off coupons from 6/1 p&g and get $3 back in ECB!

BRU Johnsons or Desitin

There is a coupon in the mailer from them $2 off 3 and you can go to and go to coupon database type in baby lotion and it will give you the link to a $2 off 2, print two. If you pick up some other items there is a $5 off $25 purchase link at baby cheapskate.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Seventh Generation products

If you go to the Seventh Generation website and sign up as a member you have access to lots of coupons, including $2 off diapers & wipes. I also really like their tub/tile spray and there's a coupon for that too.

Read the directions if you have a Mac.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

natural retail group

There are 2 health food stores in the county part of this small chain; one in St. Pete, one in Palm Harbor. They offer a monthly drawing for a basket and offer printable coupons. Register online for the basket.

Monday, June 2, 2008

pinellas deals

These are printable coupons for businesses in our county. They're organized by city.