Friday, June 13, 2008

Adjustable Waist Shorts for Boys

I bought 3 pairs of shorts from WalMart on Wednesday because they were only $2.50 each. They are made of a heavy duty light weight denim like fabric. They have pockets on the sides (cargo short style) with a button waist and zipper. I bought size 18 mon thinking James would grow into them. I was delighted when, after washing them, I realized they have an adjustable waist and it's adjustable to a very small size. James is 24 months old and tall but skinny so buying shorts or pants for him is challenging. The 12 month size shorts fit in the waist but are too short in the length and the 24 month size shorts fall off him. The shorts I bought at WalMart seem to fit him well both in the waist and in length and they will grow with him. For $2.50 I thought it was a great deal.

If you are thinking about buying some the shorts were in the baby section and on clearance at the Super WalMart on Tampa Road. They are "George" brand and were available in 3 colors, navy blue, dark brown, and tan.

I read on another blog that the Garanimal t-shirts for boys were marked $2.50 on clearance but ring up for $1.00. I scanned the only shirt I could find and it was $2.50 but I am going to try another WalMart today. I have bought the Garanimal shirts before and they hold up well.

UPDATE: I went to another WalMArt today (Friday) and found the same shorts I bought yesterday for $2.00 a pair. They were not clearance like the ones I bought on Wednesday but when I did a price check they were 50 cents cheaper than the ones I bought on Wednesday. YEAH!! Unfortunately, I was not able to locate any clearance priced Garanimals shirts but I did find some FSU shirts that were marked way down so I got James one of those.


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