Friday, July 25, 2008

Plastic bags blow

If you bring your own bags to pack your purchases a lot of retailers are now giving you a credit. I've saved as much as a dollar which is just as good as a coupon and better for the environment.

With that in mind here's a coupon for You get 1 free Acme bag with every purchase over $50. Enter coupon code FREEACME (case sensitive).

They also carry the Kleen Kanteen sippy cups.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


You can go to the Motts website for $1 off 2 select products. It includes juice.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Going digital

Many people don't know all TV broadcasts will be digital starting in Feb 2009 . That means if you're like me and have a hand me down TV with bunny ears it will cease to function. The FCC has faced some criticism for not doing enough to educate the public so feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who might be affected. Non english speakers, the elderly and those without access to the internet are especially likely to be affected.

The government is offering a rebate program for $40 or $80 to cover the cost of a converter box. You can go to this website for the details and to sign up. It takes about a month to get yours in the mail. I just got mine.

Also, remember TV's and electronic equipment can't go in the regular trash. If you live in Pinellas County you can go to their website for recycling and disposal information including mobile collection sites.

From Julie

My friend Julie sent the following to me. You could go to the Hot Coupon World Albertson's Thread to find out where coupons can be found to make these deals even sweeter!

Free or Cheap Cereal, Granola Bars, Snacks, Yogurt, etc at Albertsons 7/23

The Albertsons ad actually looks very good starting Wednesday----
Most notability they have General Mills items 4 for 6 when you buy 4, 8 or 12. You have to buy multiples of 4 to get the discount but the list is quite large so that should be easy.
If you need to download coupons you should probably start doing it now since ofter they are pulled when a promotion like this starts.

The cereals listed are Cheerios 8.9 ou
Cinnamon Toast Crunch 12.8 ou
Trix 10.7
There might well be others because it lists selected varieties
Also Fiber One, Nature Valley & Curves Granola Bars are included
Yogurts are Fiber One yogurt and Yoplait Yo
Snack items are Gardetto's
Select Chex Mix
Chex 100 calorie Packs (6 pack)
Cheerios Snack Mix
Pillsbury Ready to bake cookie dough
Betty Crocker Cake Mix
PopSecret or Curves Microwave Popcorn
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
Also included are Betty Crocker Mashed, Scalloped or AuGratin Potatoes
Betty Crocker Helpers
Progresso Vegetable Classics Soup
Old El Paso Thick N'Chunky Salsa
Green Giant Steamers

There are other items that are not part of this that look good as well such as Skippy Peanut Butter 15-16.3 ou are 99


Trix - .55/1
curves granola .75/1
Fiber one - $1/1 smartsource and $1/1 and 7/13 S
Yoplait + - $1/1 smartsource and 6/1 S exp 7/26
Pillsbury RTB - 7/13 S $1/2 and albertsons website
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks - .80/2
Green Giant Steamers - .60/2
Pop Secret 6/29 SS .50/2
Helpers - $1/3
Cheerios Snack - .60/1

Monday, July 21, 2008

$5 off coleman meats

I signed up for these and just got them last week. I mainly wanted the $1 off for the hot dogs (nitrate free) for my son but I might use some of the others.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

For Locals


to support Susan G Komen 3-day Walkers and Friends (60 miles).

If you are out and about on Sunday, stop by and get your car wash by these GREAT women

Sunday July 20 -- 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Treasure Island Fun Center--7770 Seminole Blvd (North of Park blvd. on Seminole)


Friday, July 18, 2008

Michael's 20% Off QPN

I foudn this great coupon at the Bargainist for Michael's that gives 20% off your entire purchase.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

More CVS Airwick and nail polish

I made 2 trips to CVS today. At the first store I only purchased 2 Sally Hansen Nail polishes. For some reason the same coupon I used yesterday that gave me 3 polishes for $3.00 only gave me 2 today. Each store seems to do things their own way and it's very frustrating! The first store was out of Air Wick so I only purchased the polishes and a bag of M&M's for the overage. I spent $0.32 oop.

At the second CVS store I purchased 3 more Air Wick Mini kits ($4.99 on sale with a $4.00 QPN to make each one $0.99). However, I messed this up and took 3 Air Wick QPNs but 2 were for only $3.00 off and 1 was for $4.00 off. I may return the 2 that cost more and then purchase more using the right coupon. It was sill a good deal just not as good as I was expecting. I also purchased the CVS brand make-up removing wipes. I had a $2.00 off QPN and a $3/$15. My total oop was a little over $3.00. I was expecting to spend $1.00 and some change. I also earned $1.00 ECB for the make-up remover cloths.

On a totally different note I emailed Apple & Eve about their products and asked where I could find certain products. They were nice enough to send me lots of coupons. One is for a free Apple & Eve product and another $3.50 in money off QPNs. YEAH! Up until recently I never contacted companies to ask for QPNs but every one I have contacted has followed through in sending me some of their QPNs. Mighty Milk even sent me full sized samples of their products.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CVS Airwick, Photo book, and nail polish. Oh My!

I had a good day at CVS today. I did 2 separate transactions. In the first I had some IP coupons for Airwick Minis for $4.00 off. They were on sale for $4.99. I bought 3 and used a $3/$15 CVS coupon. This would have given me overage so I added a 6x8 photo book for $7.99. I used a $3.00 off mfg coupon making my OOP $6.36. I was not able to use my ECBs on this because I scanned the wrong card. So, I just paid it out of pocket. I earned $7.99 ECb on the photo book.

For my second transaction I bought a twin 12 oz pack of Clear Care Saline solution and 3 Sally Hansen Tough as Nails polish. For the Clear Care I earned $3.00 ECB and will send in for the $9.00 rebate. For the nail polish I used a $3.00 off when you by 2 Sally Hansen nail products. For some reason I was only able to use the coupon for $2.97. Probably because it was on sale for $0.99. So, the coupon was for more than the total cost of the product. That's the first time I have had CVS reduce the amount of a coupon but I still got the nail polish for free. I also added a $1.49 hot wheels car for my son who was along with me for this trip. I needed something as filler because the ECBs I had to spend were more than my total. I used another $3/$15coupon and ended up spending just $1.37 OOP.

After I receive my rebate for $9.00 I will have made money on these deals. Just $1.27but I still earned $10.99 EC and have another $3.00 ECB from my transaction earlier this week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lori's Post

Blogger seems to be eating Lori's post so ere is one from her...

A couple of weeks ago I was able to get free band aids plus overage at Target by taking advantage of their store coupon for $5.00 off when you buy three of the following products including band aids. I already had 3 $1.00 off any band aids coupons & they were $1.98 for the character ones so I "made" $2.00 on the deal plus got enough bandaids for lots of boo boo's to come. The Target coupon is good through 07/31/08.
Today I got a .01 cent overage on Mentos gum at Publix. It was $1.09 & I used a .55 cent manufacturers coupon as well as their Publix coupon for .55.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Katie Couric on Mommy Blogging

The "Cent"sible Sawyer has a great link up to a video of Katie.

Katie Couric on Mommy Blogging


CVS Clear Care

CVS has Clear Care Saline Solution, the only stuff I can use, at $14.99 for 12oz twin bottles. It earns $3.00 ECB. Not a great price on Clear Care but it is when you use the Clear Care Rebate and get $9.00 back. The rebate must be purchased before July 31, 2008and mailed by August 31, 2008. I have already done this rebate once and it took about 4 weeks for y check to com but it did arrive!



I went to CVS this past Saturday to try and make some deals. I had $10 in ECB and retrieved another $10 in ECB from the machine in the store from a survey I completed a few weeks back and another $0.50 in ECB that the machine printed just because.

Here is what I bought:

2 Dawn Ultra, B1G1 with a $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Olay Regenerist lotion, $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Olay Daily Regenerist Scrub, $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Olay Daily Renewal Cleanser, $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Dawn Simple Pleasures, on clearance for $2.99, $1.00 MFG QPN
2 Sure Deodorants, 2 - $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Nestle Frozen Crunch bar for the hubby

I used 1 CVS $4/$20 and 1 CVS $3/$15, $20.50 in ECB.

I spent $1.56 OOP and earned $13.00 in ECB. I saved $40.78!

The ECB I earned came from $1.00 on the 2 Dawn Ultras, $3.00 on the Sure Deodorant, and $10.00 for spending $20 on Olay products.


Publix Free Olay Regenerist Facial Scrub

At the Publix at Curlew and Hwy 19 I found 1 bottle of Olay Regenerist Facial Scrub on the clearance rack for $4.49. I used a $3.00 mfg qpn and a $2.00 Publix qpn and got it for free. Publix reduced one qpn to $1.49 so I still had to pay tax. This was the second time I found this product marked down. Last week it was still on the shelf but was discounted to $5.99. I bought one then for $0.99. I really like the cleanser and love getting it for free!!


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Attune Probiotic wellness bars

I have a few freebies from Attune probiotic wellness bars and was having trouble finding them-well Palm Harbor Natural Foods store will have them in on Tuesday. You can go on Attune website and try to be the first 100 of the day for a free sample bar-you can also print out a $1.00 of coupon.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Publix Greenwise Magazine

According to Fiddledeedee there are some great coupons in the Publix Greenwise magazine. You can request your copy here. I have used the Greenwise brand on several occasions. I find the organic Grenwise milk is always cheaper than the Stonyfield or other brands, even with coupons, so I have bought the Greenwise brand and liked it.


Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gold bond powder

CVS has these in travel size use the coupon in the insert (sorry not sure which one) and get them free.

Gillette body wash

Walgreens has the trial size gillette body wash use the coupon from P&G this month and get it free!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Send your kid to college with your grocery spending

So we finally signed Finn up for a 529 college savings plan. It was time consuming to choose the right one. I did find some info that I thought would be of interest to a larger group.

When you shop for things like groceries and at CVS, you can get contributions made to your 529 account via the Upromise program. You can even get your family members to sign up and their purchases will count too. You might have seen their logo, a U inside a box on some of the groceries you've been buying. That was my intro to their program.

There are 4 different credit card programs that will link to your 529 account and deposit 1 or 1.5% of all your purchases. Those are Fidelity American Express (must be linked to a Fidelity 529), Citibank Upromise card, Baby Mint, and Future trust. Most of these will also give you considerably more than 1% on certain purchases or from certain retailers. They are all annual fee free cards.

If you're thinking about a private college, check out the sage scholars program. These schools match your deposits like a prepaid tuition plan.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Walgreens Deals

I had a great day at Walgreen's. I did this deal that Rachael described and got 3 packs of pull ups (size 2t-3t) for $5.52, including tax. I was worried about these being too big for my little guy. He is still in 18 month clothes even though he is 2 years old but the 2t was the smallest size this Walgreen's had so I took a chance figuring that he would grow into them if they were too big. I was not planning on ever buying pull ups but James has started pulling off his diaper and a friend suggested that we try them. The good news is that they do fit. Only time will tell if he keeps them on or not.

I added another deal to the mix today while I was there. The Off Cutter 1 ounce bottles are 2 for $3.00 this week at Walgreen's. I used a $1.00 off coupon from the newspaper (6/15, sorry I don't know whether is was Red Plum or Super Saver) and combined that with a $1.00 off QPN from the Walgreen's Super Saver July book. I was able to use that one twice so for free I purchased 2 - 1 ounce bottles of the Cutter spray. YEAH!!

I spent just $5.52 for 87 pull ups and 2 - 1 ounce bottles of Off Cutter bug repellent!

I plan to go back tomorrow and use my $5.00 in Register Rewards to do the diaper deal again.


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Walgreens Diaper Deal

Thanks to Money Saving Moms the walgreens diaper deal works here in fl! Yeah! Just go to the pharmacy and ask them about their prescription plan and get their $50 in coupons and cut out the diaper one, and get the one out of the Easy Saver book. Get 3 packs of Walgreens brand diapers for 5.99 each and when you are checked out it will come to 5.31 and you will get $5 RR! Yeah! I did this twice yesterday and I am going back tonight for more! I am going to use my RR on the purex detergent.

All this and a Bag of Chips!

I won! I won! I played this Subway Instant Win Sweepstakes and I won.

I only won a bag of chips but still I won!

I is a winner!