Wednesday, July 16, 2008

CVS Airwick, Photo book, and nail polish. Oh My!

I had a good day at CVS today. I did 2 separate transactions. In the first I had some IP coupons for Airwick Minis for $4.00 off. They were on sale for $4.99. I bought 3 and used a $3/$15 CVS coupon. This would have given me overage so I added a 6x8 photo book for $7.99. I used a $3.00 off mfg coupon making my OOP $6.36. I was not able to use my ECBs on this because I scanned the wrong card. So, I just paid it out of pocket. I earned $7.99 ECb on the photo book.

For my second transaction I bought a twin 12 oz pack of Clear Care Saline solution and 3 Sally Hansen Tough as Nails polish. For the Clear Care I earned $3.00 ECB and will send in for the $9.00 rebate. For the nail polish I used a $3.00 off when you by 2 Sally Hansen nail products. For some reason I was only able to use the coupon for $2.97. Probably because it was on sale for $0.99. So, the coupon was for more than the total cost of the product. That's the first time I have had CVS reduce the amount of a coupon but I still got the nail polish for free. I also added a $1.49 hot wheels car for my son who was along with me for this trip. I needed something as filler because the ECBs I had to spend were more than my total. I used another $3/$15coupon and ended up spending just $1.37 OOP.

After I receive my rebate for $9.00 I will have made money on these deals. Just $1.27but I still earned $10.99 EC and have another $3.00 ECB from my transaction earlier this week.

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