Monday, July 14, 2008


I went to CVS this past Saturday to try and make some deals. I had $10 in ECB and retrieved another $10 in ECB from the machine in the store from a survey I completed a few weeks back and another $0.50 in ECB that the machine printed just because.

Here is what I bought:

2 Dawn Ultra, B1G1 with a $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Olay Regenerist lotion, $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Olay Daily Regenerist Scrub, $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Olay Daily Renewal Cleanser, $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Dawn Simple Pleasures, on clearance for $2.99, $1.00 MFG QPN
2 Sure Deodorants, 2 - $1.00 MFG QPN
1 Nestle Frozen Crunch bar for the hubby

I used 1 CVS $4/$20 and 1 CVS $3/$15, $20.50 in ECB.

I spent $1.56 OOP and earned $13.00 in ECB. I saved $40.78!

The ECB I earned came from $1.00 on the 2 Dawn Ultras, $3.00 on the Sure Deodorant, and $10.00 for spending $20 on Olay products.


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