Thursday, July 17, 2008

More CVS Airwick and nail polish

I made 2 trips to CVS today. At the first store I only purchased 2 Sally Hansen Nail polishes. For some reason the same coupon I used yesterday that gave me 3 polishes for $3.00 only gave me 2 today. Each store seems to do things their own way and it's very frustrating! The first store was out of Air Wick so I only purchased the polishes and a bag of M&M's for the overage. I spent $0.32 oop.

At the second CVS store I purchased 3 more Air Wick Mini kits ($4.99 on sale with a $4.00 QPN to make each one $0.99). However, I messed this up and took 3 Air Wick QPNs but 2 were for only $3.00 off and 1 was for $4.00 off. I may return the 2 that cost more and then purchase more using the right coupon. It was sill a good deal just not as good as I was expecting. I also purchased the CVS brand make-up removing wipes. I had a $2.00 off QPN and a $3/$15. My total oop was a little over $3.00. I was expecting to spend $1.00 and some change. I also earned $1.00 ECB for the make-up remover cloths.

On a totally different note I emailed Apple & Eve about their products and asked where I could find certain products. They were nice enough to send me lots of coupons. One is for a free Apple & Eve product and another $3.50 in money off QPNs. YEAH! Up until recently I never contacted companies to ask for QPNs but every one I have contacted has followed through in sending me some of their QPNs. Mighty Milk even sent me full sized samples of their products.


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