Monday, July 14, 2008

Publix Free Olay Regenerist Facial Scrub

At the Publix at Curlew and Hwy 19 I found 1 bottle of Olay Regenerist Facial Scrub on the clearance rack for $4.49. I used a $3.00 mfg qpn and a $2.00 Publix qpn and got it for free. Publix reduced one qpn to $1.49 so I still had to pay tax. This was the second time I found this product marked down. Last week it was still on the shelf but was discounted to $5.99. I bought one then for $0.99. I really like the cleanser and love getting it for free!!


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Lori said...

I got one for free today too at the store on 580 in Dunedin. It was marked $5.99 on the shelf but rang up $6.49. Because of the Publix price guarantee I got it free!